World's Favorite—And Now Largest—Travel Company

November 16, 2015

MI-SOLARI can’t quite imagine what my parents would have thought today. A business they started as a root beer stand is about to merge with Starwood and become the largest hotel company in the world. Well, I can guess at one thing my dad would have said, “Bill, don’t think you did this alone.”

He would be right. This is a day of celebration for my family, Marriott International and Starwood. It's also a day of gratitude to all our hard-working associates.

It’s the associates who set us apart by living our “Put People First” culture, understanding that when we take good care of each other, we take good care of our customers and those customers come back.

It’s the associates whose dedication to this company has made us strong and pushed us to grow over the years. Today, when we announced the biggest deal in our company’s history, it was fitting that we did so from New York.

It was in New York where our company took an earlier leap with the Marriott Marquis. That hotel in Times Square was a huge risk. Times Square in 1985 was nothing like it is today.  Very few people saw potential there.  We did. Together, we opened that hotel and offered the kind of great service that made it a destination. Pretty soon our hotel became the center of a revival that has turned Times Square into a place everybody wants to be.

We are a bigger, stronger company now than we were then. But we still have the same spirit and determination to take risks and do great things together.

Now, it may feel strange to go from competitors to team mates. We have competed with Starwood for customers for decades. But, we have also admired them. Starwood introduced W and changed the hotel landscape by helping define lifestyle brands. They introduced the Heavenly Bed and we all wanted one of those. And, they have loyal guests just like we do.

At day’s end, we have the same goals to treat each other and our customers with care and respect. I expect becoming one team will come pretty naturally.

Part of what makes me so happy about today’s news is that it will expand opportunities for associates, from both Marriott and Starwood, to grow in their careers.

What’s good for customers -- more brands and hotel choices -- is also good for associates.

The expansion opens new paths of exploration and advancement for associates, something that has always been a priority in this company.

This is a proud day for me and for my family and I hope for all the associates who have contributed so much over the years.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.


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